Problem to open 2 serial sessions on same port in PortServer II

Hi ,
I need a little help to configure my PortServer II
One of the ports of PS II attached to device with serial console output.
The configuration of port is:

set port range=1 dev=prn sess=6 termtype=vt100 uid=0 edelay=1 auto=off bin=off group=0

For some reason i can open only one connection to my PSII on 2001 port (telnet to “myPS” port 2001), second connection is refused.

Is it possible to open nember of “serial console” connections like in TS or it is only single supported?

P.S. I tried to change dev to term and lost connectivity at all.

Thank you for a help.


On a PSII device, I don’t know of a way to open up a second connection at the same time, though I am not very familiar with that device. On some of the other Digi terminal servers such as the PortServerTS and ConnectPortTS, there is the port sharing feature that can be configured via the “set sharing” command.