Port Server II

I am seting up Port Srver II/16 and Port Server TS2 for a serial tunnel. I have been able to set up the TS2 though the Web Interface when I attempt to access the Port Server II Web interface it says it cannot locate the address?? Is there a set up I am missing or in looking though the post i saw one that these do not have a web interface?

There is no WEB UI for the PSII, you will need to set it up via the PSII command line. If you need help on doing this, we need to know if the PSII is establishing the tunnel?

The TS2 is establishing the tunnel.

In that case, all you need to do on the PSII is telnet to it, login and type:

set port dev=prn range=1 – range=1 is for port 1

The port is defaulted to 9600-81N, if this needs to be changed:

set line baud=38400 csize=7 parity=E stopb=1 range=1

This sets port 1 to 38400 71E

I have that set up. When I attempt to send just a message across from one a terminal connected to the TS2 to a terminal connected to the PSII I get a “connecting rlogin to port 2” then a “password” prompt if I enter the password I get logged in to the port. How do I get around the login? I am not sure if my terminal will let me enter a password. or can it stay logged in continuously. The device that will occupy this tunnel is a Alphamate which is a dumb terminal that will connect to a Digi C/Con 16.

That’s a config isue on one end or the other. On the TS you should be specifying ‘dport’ as either 2001 (telnet port 1) or 2101 (raw telnet).

On the PSII you should have ‘set auth’ set to default.

If these fail, I suggest you call us at 952-912-3456 to step thru the config.