duty cycle counter 868 Pro not working like it should?


I understand that these modules are limited by a 10% duty cycle. But I don’t understand why the duty cycle increments automatically WITHOUT sending anything? My controller (connected on the coordinator) ONLY loops the local AT command “DC” and there I see that the duty cycle counter increases. Why? My end device is only connected with a power supply and also sends nothing. Is there a kind of overhead between the 2 that causes the duty cycle counter to increment without sending anything?
Then, if I power off the end device the increase of the DC counter also stops? BUT, also, when it stops (after the power off of the end device) the counter does NOT decrements but stays forever at the last value? This is not normal also.
What is going on?
How to avoid these problems (increments without sending anything and not decrementing when there are no end devices)?
There are no IO detection changes configured.



Are you receiving data from your End device?


Now, that’s the point: I don’t send anything. There is even nothing connected on the end device. Also, there is nothing coming out of the coordinator. Only the answers of my DC command.


I found my problem: Changed from Coordinator/End device to 2x Standard Node.
The performance (speed) is also much better now!
10% rule stays but duty cycle is not incrementing if I don’t send anything.