EAGLE library for ConnectCore 6UL


I’m integrating the CC6UL in one of our systems, and it would really make my life easier if there existed an EAGLE library for this component. I’ve looked through DIGI’s webpage but i could not find anything.

Is anyone aware of an EAGLE library?


whats EAGLE? what information are you looking for?

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I mean Autodesk’s EAGLE (https://www.autodesk.com/products/eagle/overview) software for PCB design.

I’ve seen that DIGI has the schematics in ALTIUM format, but i could not find any EAGLE compatible format.

I could not find any proper way to convert between the format, thus my question.


Digi only has Altium format. There are plenty of free tools to open and view it. This seem to be able to convert: http://www.altium.com/video-eagle-importer
also please take a look at: