Edgeport/21 parallel port not appearing

My Edgeport/21 functions perfectly on an older XP Home machine, but not on a newer XP Media Center HP 1547c. Using the latest drivers, the serial ports install, but Device Manager does not show the parallel port. I have a second /21 and a /421 that replicate the problem. Any idea what’s going on with the HP?


Do you see anything in your device manager with a yellow exclamation mark? If so, is it related to our product/USB?

It’s also possible that the port is there but you’re not recognizing it correctly. The PP does not install as a traditional LPTx. It will install as “Usb printing support” in the Universal Serial Bus Controller category.

Would you please check that and let me know what you find?

Mike S

It was indeed the latter, and I had been looking for LPTx. It installed on USB001, “Virtual printer port for USB.” Not having seen any LPTx under “Ports” in Device Manager, I hadn’t scrolled down to discover that choice when attempting the printer install. I had seen “USB printing support” earlier, but didn’t relate that to the Edgeport. Thanks, Mike!



My pleasure, I apologize that it’s not more clear.

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