Edgeport/8 randomly disappears

I work at Intel and we are currently using Edgeport/8s for automation purposes. We have 2 of them connected to a WinXP box. We are having a problem where one of them will randomly disappear. All of the sudden, you can’t communicate with it and it will no longer be listed in the Edgeport Configuration Utility. Unplugging and plugging it back in will sometimes bring it back. We’ve had to reinstall the drivers several times. This started happening when we started using some more USB devices with our hosts. Connecting the edgeports and other devices to different USB plugs doesn’t seem to help. Any ideas?


I’ll contact you via email

Mike Swift

Hi Mike,
I think, we have a nearly similar problem as Nick with the edgeport/8 (Aug 31- Edgeport/8 randomly disappear). When I try to open all edgeports for the second time (to let the user choose a free one), I get a ‘semaphore timed out’ error during opening. I tried the newest driver (shorter closing time…), but the problem was the same. The first port the user has chosen, continues to work properly.
Have you any ideas how I can solve the problem?


I don’t believe the problem you’re seeing is with the Edgeport but I’ll definitely try to figure out where the problem is with you.

I’ll contact you via email (I have some files I want to send you)

It should be within the next couple of hours.


Mike Swift


I don’t believe the email that is in your profile will work. Please email me at your earliest convenience at


I’ll then respond to you.