Edgeport/8 disappears

I have a customer who has started having a problem with their Edgeport/8 disappearing.

They are running Server 2003
The device and all the ports disappear from device manager and the edgeport/8 LED is off.
Unplugging and replugging the USB at the Edgeport and the device and ports reappear.

For some reason replugging the USB at the server end doesn’t bring the device back.

Tried different server USB ports and cables.
Currently running driver version 5.0, but have tried 5.10.26 from Windows update. Did an uninstall before reverting to 5.0. All driver files now show the correct 5.0 version and timestamp.

Boot Code Version 1.01.0
Download Code Version 5.30.1



  1. Was this particular Edgeport/8 not exhibiting this issue before? If so, about how long was it in use, working well, before the issue happened?

  2. “What changed”, if anything, around the time this issue started happening?

  3. About how often does this issue happen?

  4. What is the 50xxxxxx part number and revision of this Edgeport/8?

  5. Does the customer have other Edgeport/8 units that could be swapped with this one, for troubleshooting purposes, to see if the issue is more related to the Edgeport/8 hardware or the PC?

  6. Tell me about the application related to the Edgeport/8, for example, what kinds of serial devices are attached, and what related software is being used.

Jeremy, I’ve done some more investigation and found the following.

  1. This Edgeport/8 was running for around a year with no problem.

  2. Previously the Edgeport/8 was connected directly to the server and using the drivers (4.?) supplied on the CD.

The customer attempted to connect the Edgeport/8 via a powered USB hub. During that process, Server 2003 decided that it needed to load drivers for the device and it downloaded version 5.10.26 from Windows Update. The Edgeport/8 would then fall over whenever another USB device was inserted into the hub.

The hub was removed, however the Edgeport/8 was still falling over 5-10 times daily. Uninstalling the 5.10.26 drivers and installing 5.0 from the Digi website stopped the constant crashing, but the Edgeport/8 still crashes if any of the connected serial devices are reset.

I’ve not been able to find the customer’s original CD to be able to revert the drivers back to that level

  1. I have only seen the disappearing of the Edgeport/8 occur when resetting either of the modems, or the FE900 that are attached to the Edgeport/8, however the customer reports failures approx weekly during normal operation.

  2. P/N 301-1002-08 CPU Revision:2 Board Revision:0

  3. Customer doesn’t have another Edgeport/8, but they have ordered an additional one.

  4. Serial devices are a couple of modems, an FE900 Digital Alarm Receiver, and some other Alarm Receivers.


I’ve attached the v4.20 Edgeport driver. Most likely that’s the one that was on the CD. Let me know what the behavior is like after downgrading to this version.

Jeremy, thanks for the driver. Uninstalled the 5.0 driver and installed 4.2 and have not been able to get the box to fail.