Edgeport/1 Failing Port test

Ever since I have switched to a new HP tablet laptop (Windows XP) I have been having troubles with my Edgeport/1.

I can install the Edgeport driver and it will work fine until the laptop is re-started. At that point I get no communication through the Edgeport and it also fails the port test.

Sometimes I will also get the blue screen of death during communication which requires a restart.

To get it to work again I have to go into Device Manager–>Ports, and uninstall Edgeport, then re-install the driver.

This has happened with drivers 4.2, 5.2 and 5.3. I have also tested with a different Edgeport/1 and the same thing happens.

It doesn’t metter which port it is on. No other device is assigned to the same port.

Any ideas?



Thanks for the detailed info.

First, we suggest using the v5.30 driver, which is the latest version. When uninstalling Edgeport drivers (to install other versions) you should use the Edgeport Configuration Utility. Specifically, you’d click the Uninstall button under the Advanced tab then reboot the computer when prompted.

Get 5.30 on your system (confirm by looking under the Version tab in the EP config util - edgeser.sys should be 5.30.xx) then re-start the laptop and then collect the following information for me:

  1. Under the General tab in the EP config util, double-click the Edgeport. What’s the COM port assignment?

  2. Look in Windows Device Manager in the “Ports (COM & LPT)” section. What’s the COM port assignment of the Edgeport? What other devices are listed there, and what are their COM port assignments?

  3. Do you have a “Modems” category in Device Manager? If so, double-click on each modem, then click the Modem tab. What are the COM port assignments?

About the port test, please review this KB article: