Swapping Edgeports on Windows XP


I have an inconsistent problem with the Edgeport/8 device on Windows XP - I want to be able to swap edgeports without having to uninstall and re-install the driver. I am using ‘assign based on physical USB port’, and have copied over a ionport.ini file with the relevant setting in before I do the first install, but on some PC’s, when I remove the edgeport and plug another one in, Windows does not detect it and it just comes in Device Manager as ‘Edgeport/8’. However on some PCs it works OK, and you can unplug and plug in any edgeport and Windows will detect it and automatically add/delete the additional COM ports as expected.

I can’t figure out what the difference is or why this happens - I have re-installed one PC the first time it worked OK, the second it didn’t!

Can anybody please help identify why this happens, and how you can set it so that it never needs a re-install after the first install?

Many thanks in advance,

John McGonigal