Edgeport/8 Driver problem w/Windows XP...

I recently purchased an Edgeport/8 (PART NUMBER 301-1002-18 – NCR 497-0415060) as an expansion to my Home Automation XP Pro SP3 machine. That machine is already using two Edgeport/4 modules with driver version 4.2. When I connect the USB for the 8, I get all the usual USB new hardware notices and then get the message “Windows could not load the installer for IonMultiPortSerial…” and the installation fails. The original drivers were installed by Windows Update. I have tried manually uninstalling the drivers using Windows Device Manager but it wont let me either uninstall nor delete the drivers. I have tried using the “Install” function on the V5 (edgeport.inf" drivers I downloaded but that does not seem to change anything either. What do I need to do to get XP to recognize the edgeport/8?


Screen image attached./Gary

You’re running into an old bug. To resolve it:

  1. Download a special version of the Edgeport Configuration Utility from this link:


  1. Unplug all Edgeports and run edgeport.exe. Click the Advanced tab and click the Uninstall button. Reboot the PC when prompted.

  2. After Windows loads, you should be able to re-install any Edgeport that you re-attach to the PC. Here’s a link to the latest Edgeport driver, which I recommend: