Upgrading to windows 2003 Server sp2 kills my Edgeport/8

If i upgrade to win2003 enterprise server sp2 from sp1 the Edgeport/8 ports are no longer detected properly. They will either, all appear, some will appear, they have Exclamation points next to them, but in all cases do not work.

When i run the edgeport.exe rather than listing 1 Edgeport with 8 ports, it will list 4 edgeports each with 2 ports. The names of these Edgeports will be garbage characters.

This is all reproducible as when i remove SP2 they appear as expected.

I am using the latest drivers from your website.

I’ll try to re-create this today, and will keep you updated.

What Edgeport driver version are you running on the Windows Server 2003 SP2 computer?

To check this, open the Edgeport configuration utility, click the driver tab, and tell me the version of “edgeser.sys”.

Also, what CPU is in that computer?

Has this issue been resolved yet ? I want to be sure that Windows 2003 , SP2 does not have any conflict with the driver. Please update.

The issue reported with Enterprise edition is still up in the air. No problems with Standard edition (even with SP2). Which edition is your 2003 system running?

Thank you for prompt reply.