Edgeport/8 W2K/CAB

Quick question. Maybe a year ago I was instructed to replace edgeser.sys and ionenum.sys to resolve an issue in 3.xx that 4.20 fixed (thanks again).

I’m remotely running into issues after replacing or adding edgeport 8/port devices – Windows Server 2003 plug-n-play reloads both edgeser.sys and ionenum.sys from C:\W2K folder which sadly contains an older cab file. The cab file from C:\W2K folder has the older 3.xx edgeser.sys and ionenum.sys files. Any issues with updating both edgeser.sys and ionenum.sys in the cab file so plug-n-play reloads the right files?

That shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for the quick response.

Do you know of any blue screen issues with 4.20 reported from the field?

Not specifically. I checked the release notes of newer drivers and don’t see anything related. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you got blue screens on a multi-processor or multi-core PC since those older drivers weren’t necessarily tailored for those kinds of CPUs. We have specifically made changes in the latest drivers to better support those kinds of CPUs.

Note that the latest Edgeport driver version to-date is v5.0, so that’s what we’re recommending these days. It’s the current version on our website.