Edgeport/8 causes regular bluescreens

Once a edgeport/8 is plugged in it bluescreens within a few minutes with a DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL in edgeser.sys

This is the latest copy of the drivers available from the website on a XP machine. I’m attempting to use the edgeport with two Elo touchscreen devices, but if they are un-plugged then the bluescreens continue. If plugged directly into a serial port both devices work as usual anyway.

Any ideas what may be causing this, and do you require any more information?

Copy and paste this edgeser.sys over your existing one (in c:\windows\system32\drivers) then unplug and replug the Edgeport. Does the bluescreen still occur?

Hi Jeremy, thanks for the quick response. I have done as you have asked, restarted the machine and plugged in the edgeport. I will let you know if the problems continue.

So far so good, however. Out of interest, what is the difference between the ‘stock’ edgeser.sys and the one you have provided?

The one I provided is the previous release (version 4.50). Instead of having you do an uninstall/re-install, to save time and effort, I just had you manually downgrade the driver.

Please keep me updated.

Ahh, I see. Well, it seemed to work well for a while, but I returned to my desk this morning to find a MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS bluescreen. Any other ideas?

If you haven’t already, use “msconfig” to disable all unnecessary startup items, in case one of them is contributing to a resource conflict. Be sure to reboot the PC when prompted, after making that change.

Also, please upload a screen capture of System Properties (right-click on My Computer and click Properties).

Do you have any other Edgeport/8 units? If so, you could try swapping one of them to try to rule out a hardware issue.