Edgeport 8

I am having issues getting the installer to correctly recognize my Edgeport 8 301-1002-08. I try to specify the path for windows to look in for the driver, the CD states D:\Win2K but windows cannot find it.

I am running Windows XP Pro, I am also attaching a screen shot of the error that I am seeing.


Use one backslash instead of two. Try “D:\Win2K”. Also, this presumes that “D:” is the drive letter of your CD-ROM. On some PCs it’s another letter such as “E:”.

Thats what I meant to write D:\Wink2K, I finally resized the picture so you could see the issue I am having. Can I not delete the other threads I created by accident?

Don’t worry about the other thread.

To resolve this error, use the following Edgeport Configuration Utility to uninstall the Edgeport driver. After running it, click the Advanced tab then the Uninstall button. Reboot the PC when prompted then the installation should go through without that error.


Thanks for your help.