Edgeport and vista

Trouble with the edgeport on vista.

I am a developer and i have some trouble with one of my software. The software need a rs232 connection to communicate with a apparatus. The software work in XP with the edgeport, and the software also work on vista but not with the edgeport.
The software are devp in c++ and a used a dll to make the serial connection with the apparatus. I used portmon and I see a communication between the computer and the apparatus on vista , but the software don’t see the communication.
It’s not a problem on my software because. It’s work on vista with an other USB adapter.

Thank you.


What exactly is the trouble? For example, what is the symptom? Are you expecting to see data but not seeing it? Are you getting any error messages?

Also, what Edgeport driver version are you running?

->I used the last driver for Vista.

->My software don’t see the receive sentence but the apparatus have send well the sentence.
So i expect to see data but not seeing it.
And i have error message of my software becauce i don’t see the response of his answer.

->Did you have diagnostic edgeport working for vista.

Open the Edgeport Configuration Utility, click the Version tab, and tell me the versions of the following files:


I don’t see the edgeport configuration utility but the version of edgeser.sys is 4.20.07 and I can’t find the version edgeport.exe

The 4.20 driver is for Windows 2000/XP/2003. You’ll need to use the newer Vista driver.


Also, since you have the 2000/XP/2003 driver installed on a Vista PC, the following workaround is required to get the Vista driver on there:

  1. Disable UAC (User Account Control). If you aren’t sure how to do this, view this link:

  2. Make sure Windows is configured to show file extensions. To do this, open My Computer, click “Organize, Folder and Search Options” then click the “View” tab. Scroll down and uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” (unless it’s already unchecked) then click OK.

  3. Extract the contents of the Edgeport Vista driver to the default location (“c: emp”).

  4. Go to “c: emp” and open the file “edgeport.cab”. Copy all of the files within it then paste them with the others, in “c: emp”.

  5. Copy and paste the following files, one at a time, from the “c: emp” folder into the appropriate folders listed below. If prompted to overwrite (“copy and replace”) the files, confirm yes.

A. Paste “edgeser.sys” in “c:\windows\system32\drivers”.
B. Paste “edgeport.exe” in “c:\windows\system32”.

  1. Unplug the Edgeport and plug it back in.

I have already used the 4.36 version and it’s not working.
And I have also disable the UAC.


We have a 4.40 version of our drivers that are more Vista Compatible:


That being said, these drivers were not specifically written for Vista. We currently have engineers writing Vista drivers from scratch.

Please uninstall your current drivers (4.36) by running the edgeport.exe program that is included in the edgeport.cab file included with the 4.40 drivers. Edgeport.exe program/advanced tab/uninstall and reboot when prompted.

Once back up please install the 4.40 drivers you downloaded.

If it doesn’t work please give me explicit details on what your you mean by “not working” I’ll be more than happy to pass that info along to our engineering group.

Mike Swift

Are these drivers (40002537_D) ok to try with an Edgeport/21 on Vista Ultimate?



Yes, our Edgeport driver applies to all model Edgeports.