Edgeport/1 Connection Problem

I am experiencing a problem with an Edgeport/1 device. Device details and connection scenario are as follows:

Device: Edgeport/1 USB Converter
P/N: 1(P) 50000823-01 A
S/N: (S) A33372159

There is another number on the label on the bottom of the unit – 95007503A

I am running Microsoft Vista, Home Premium Edition. I am attempting to connect a serial monitoring device for a vehicle to my notebook computer (this is an OBD-II converter device that reads details of any vehicle’s onboard computer).

I have verified that the serial device does in fact work by connecting to my vehicle using a serial port on another notebook computer – it connected and receives data with no problems (Windows XP). However, when I attempt to connect using the USB converter, I receive an 8-8-8020 error. Of primary concern is that when using my new notebook computer which is running Vista, using a USB port and the Edgeport/1, I also receive an 8-8-8020 error. I wish to troubleshoot the Vista problem specifically.

Specific to the Vista machine, prior to attempting any connections to any other devices, the Edgeport/1 USB port shows up properly in the hardware connection manager as being installed on COM4 (I can send the specific details of the installation information shown if needed). The latest driver from the website has been successfully installed (40002537_4.36_beta.exe).

The Edgeport Config utility, when run, allows me to perform a digital loopback test on the comm. port, and that tests fine. However, when I attempt to connect to the serial device, the Edgeport Config utility shows no modem signals whatsoever – it’s as if there is no connection at all.

Any advice or help you might offer would be greatly appreciated!


Bob Hansen


Please email me directly at mikes@digi.com


Mike Swift