Edgeport losing data

Hi, I hope someone can help.

I have found a problem when communicating using an edgeport/4. Sometimes it will drop some bytes from the middle of messages. I have a device that I am simulating and I set it up to send about 400 bytes every 5 seconds. Randomly, about 50-60 bytes will go missing from the middle of a message.

The port is set up with no flow control, 115200, 8, none and 1.

Keeping everything else the same, if the edgeport is replaced with onboard serial or FTDI USB converter, or if I use a lower baud rate with the edgeport, there are no problems.

The strangest part is that it seems that the bytes are only lost when using high performance PCs. When running at 115200 on a slower PC, there are no losses.

It’s an Edgeport/4M PN 301-1000-81 and I have tried driver versions 4.2, 5.0 and the latest.

Thanks for any help.


What is the 50xxxxxx part number of the Edgeport/4m?

Can you provide more details about “high performance PC” vs “slower PC”. What are the exact differences? And what Operating Systems are they running?