Data loss/corruption with Edgeport 416 4-USB 16-serial port

Hello my customer uses a software to communicate with CNC machines, sends/receives small ascii text files, using one machine at a time. Connection is 1200 baud E71.
We had to change their previous 16 RS232 ports solution (based on 2 PCI cards with 8 ports each, of a competitor) with a Edgeport 416, and now the customer is experiencing, occasionally, data loss and corruption.
He never had problems before, and nothing else has changed (cabling, software, CNC), only the serial ports.
Any suggestion on configuration changes that may help?
Reducing speed is not an option, on the CNC side it should remain as it is (because before it was working).

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Can you tell us more about the data loss and corruption problem? Why do you think these things are happening?