Yet another issue with Digi Edgeport 8 USB

I seem to be having nothing but issues with Digi edgeports. My latest problem is incoming NMEA data is getting corrupted when going through the Digi Edgeport. If I connect the serial cable to the computers com port everything is working OK.

I have installed the edgeport as per installation guide. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have tested the com ports with the config utility.

Lately I have been having nothing but problems with edgeports causing blue screens, not able to read from more than one port at a time (fixed by reinstalling).

Please provide additional information:

*What operating system version?
*Have you confirmed the latest driver being used?

*Is the serial corruption always seen or is it seen after some time?
*Have you run through port testing/troubleshooting?

OS is WIndows 7 32 bit, yes latest drivers are being used and yes it passed the tests.

But it is still corrupting NMEA data coming in. I have had nothing but issues lately with Edgeports. Hopefully I will get money refunded, I have ordered a Startech serial to USB hub.