Edgeport/4 & /1 - Stops working after running for a time

We have both Edgeport/4s and /1s. The 4 is used in RS-422 mode for one port.

We continue to have issues with these devices working for a time but then we stop getting data. They will stop working anywhere b/t 10mins to 24hrs of operation. They will always fail eventually.

Once we loose data we can bring up the configuration utility and all ports are listed. However, testing then fails when at the start everything passes.

Disconnecting from USB and reconnecting usually allows for a passed test. But sometimes it requires a couple disconnects/reconnects.

We’ve seen this issue on various machines.

My guess is that this is a driver issue of some sort as both devices will fail at the same time when they do fail. Also, the 4 port device will usually not fail all ports, often just 2-3 of the four while the other continues to operate.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks for the detailed info.

  1. Please give me some sample serial numbers and related 50xxxxxx part numbers (and revisions), from Edgeports that have exhibited this issue.

  2. Have you always seen this issue, or did this issue suddenly start happening?

  3. What exactly suggests that there is a problem? Losing data? Can you provide more details about that? In other words, what are the exact problematic symptoms?

  4. Which Edgeport driver version(s) are you running, where you’ve seen this issue? Are there any Edgeport driver versions that have NOT exhibited this issue? To check the Edgeport driver version, click the Version tab in the Edgeport Configuration Utility and note the version of “edgeser.sys”.

  5. Are there any PCs that you have NOT seen this issue on?

  6. Please tell me more about the USB cabling and the environment. For example, are the Edgeports attached directly to the PC? Or are they perhaps going through a USB “active extension cable”, or a USB hub? If they are connected directly to the PC, how long is the USB cable? Are there any kind of devices in or near the environment that may be causing electromagnetic interference?

  7. The next time this issue happens, please immediately collect the following information:

7A. What is the color and activity of the the System Status LED (this would only apply to the /4 since the /1 doesn’t have that kind of LED).

7B. Is the Edgeport listed in Device Manager like it should be? Check the “IonMultiPort Serial” and “Ports (COM & LPT)” sections. I suggest taking a “before failure” screen capture of Device Manager (maximized) with those 2 sections expanded, and then taking an “after failure” screen capture, so we can compare the two.

  1. 301-1000-94 & 301-1001-11
  2. It’s only recently that we’ve used them for extended periods. We’ve seen this from the beginning of longer runs.
  3. We stop receiving all data. We can bring up hyperterminal and it also does not have data any longer until unplugging/replugging.
  4. We started out with Version 5.10 40002235 R and have since upgraded to Version 5.10 40002537 G. We have the issue with both.
  5. No
  6. Edgeports are directly connected to the PC w/ as short a cable as possible. Cables are verified USB 2.0. There are plenty of other devices around (including in close proximity), but they are not high voltage. Do you think shielding edgeports may help?
  7. a. No LED on our /4.
    b. Will do.

Ooops, found the LED. Will monitor.