Edgeport/4 COM ports failing confidence test

It seems that I have a serial device that doesn’t agree with my Edgeport/4 COM ports. Over time that device will become “disconnected”. If I run the Confidence Test (using digital/internal loopback) that port shows up as “failed”. The solution so far has been to change ports, but eventually that port fails the Confidence Test as well…it’s as if this serial device is killing the Edgeport/4 ports one at a time.
My question is…is there some way to “reset” or “refresh” the Edgeport/4 to get these COM ports back? Clearly I seem to have a problem client device but I would hope that I don’t lose an Edgeport/4 along the way as well…

I have used Digi USB for over 10 years on a product. I have used the 4/S models for 232 and 485 on the same switchable box some isolated and some not. I had some of the same issues as you reported. The confidence test to me is not an absolute since it is a digital internal loop test I have found that it sometimes failed . I have also found that if I go into device manager and get rid of my unused ports and reboot the Edgeport recovers and all is well. I have not lost the actual port unless there was a problem with the connection such a miss wired connector ,power or ground in the wrong spot. I have been using 40002537_J for a while and until recently minor problems as described. Have purchased some EP-USB-4S and found that that driver on Windows 10 would not recognize the device. So I updated to _M and was able to set my device up but the confidence test now will only pass if I am configured as a 232, my 485 port fails every time. Ran the device anyway and it worked fine. I did find that they do not seem to be backward compatible if I am using an older box(301-1000-94 or 95) then it gives communication errors with the new driver and my system fails.