Edgeport 4smei requires driver install after it has been installed already.

We have Implemented the Edgeport’s onto 10 units in operation. These units use laptops to send and receive data to and from a drilling rig. The units travel from job to job so they are turned off and on every time they are used and the Edgeport is plugged into different USB ports on the same laptop. When we installed the systems we verified the system by checking the Edgeport worked on all USB ports on the laptop.

However weeks later we are starting to receive calls that the data is not transferring through the Edgeport, upon asking the operator to plug the Edgeport into a different port a window pops up asking to insert the CD to install the driver.

  • Is there conflicts with the order in witch the laptop is powered up plugged into the edgeport and the com port opened ect?
  • Is it normal that the Edgeport want to reinstall drivers on different usb ports after it has already been installed on these ports?

This is a mission critical application and problem. I would appreciate any help.



We created a support case for you, to help you troubleshoot this. Please check your e-mail for instructions on how to proceed.