Problems with my Edgeport/4

I am having problems with my Edgeport/4. It worked perfectly under Win 7(64), but now I have switched to Win 10(64). When I start the computer or re-boot the computer, the computer will not recognize the Edgeport/4 even though the drivers have been loaded.

Currently a work around is to unplug the USB cable and reboot or turn on the computer and once the operating system has loaded plug the USB cable back in and then the Edgeport/4 is recognized. However this is not an ideal situation. I am using the latest drivers 5.70.105

Not sure if this is a Win 10 issue as I have the same problem on 2 Win 10 computers. To make things even worse, I have an Edgeport/2C that does not have this issue.

Anyone have any idea’s…Thanks.

After playing around for the better part of the day I finally got it to work properly.

You have to go in and check all the USB port settings and turn off the option where windows can turn off power to the USB Ports.

Once I went thru all the USB Ports and device settings everything started to work perfectly.