edgeport closing port when disconnected

I am using an edgeport/1 connected to a modem. When I disconnect the cable from the computer, and reconnect it, the edgeport utility shows that the comm port is now closed.
I have to reboot the pc to get my edgeport to work again. Is this a driver issue? Is there any way I can reset the port without rebooting it?

I tried to disable the port using device manager but I get a blue screen of dege indicating an issue with the edgeport driver

  1. Why are you disconnecting/reconnecting the USB cable?

  2. Are you running the digital loopback test afterwards? Is that where you are seeing the “closed” status?

  3. When you say “to work again”, what is your definition of work? In other words, do you mean passing the digital loopback test? Or do you mean something else, like working with whatever software you’re using that communicates with the attached modem?