Edgeport/421 driver question

I saw that the drivers from 12/2006 had a update for usb 1.1 handling on a USB 2.0 hub, i was just wondering if there was any insight on this fix? Like what problems were being experienced that needed this fix?

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately I don’t have a real “precise” answer from our engineering group and the “switch” that is in our edgeport.exe program isn’t included in our user manual (yet). I am working with our product manager to get the manual updated with a better explanation. Here is what I have from engineering so far on it:

Microsoft has a bug handling “Cancels” that we’ve seen using 1.1 devices behind a 2.0 Hub. They can be sent when the port closes (and also during surprise removals which if memory serves is how we hit this problem). We changed the way we handle the Cancels in order to try to work around this problem."

Would you please let me know the problems you’re experiencing?

Mike Swift

Well we have noticed that somehow we are loosing communication with the edgeport/421 randomly on our dell optiplex 520. I have done everything i can on windows and disabled the power down options of the usb ports on the dell, however randomly it just looses communication with the edgeport.


The EP/421 shouldn’t lose communication with the computer unless it’s unplugged.

Are you sure you’re not meaning, losing communication with the devices attached to the EP/421?

I’d like to know the following:

  1. The specs of the USB ports that the EP/421 is plugged into.
  2. If there are any hubs between the USB port on the computer and the EP/421 please let me know what hub it is.
  3. When you have this symptom of losing communication, please give me a screen shot of device manager and then edgeport.exe program/General tab (with the EP/421 still plugged in)

You can send this all to mikes@digi.com (please don’t respond to this forum post.