Edgeport communication

I have 2 edgeport/4 and a digi 4 port usb hub.
There are total 6 scanner (RS232) and ONE RFID reader/writer (RS232)connected to the edgeport. The USB hub is connected to 3 machines via USB. We are experiencing some communication error from the machine to the PC occasionally. The worst case is when the machine hang. We reboot the PC and the machine but the machine will still have problem communication with the PC. Then we plug out the USB cable from the machine and plug back. Then everything is OK.

Does anyone know why this happen??

We are also having weird problem in the PC software when we swap a new scanner in(Number of scanners remained the same). This software add the scan barcode and put it into a database.

Occasionally the software does not add the barcode into a database(BDE - Borland) although the barcode can be read. Before the new scanner is added we do not have this problem. We are using point to point protocol.

Can anyone advise on this??


I need to better understand understand your environment before I can begin troubleshooting.

  1. What are the 50xxxxxx part numbers of the two Edgeport/4 units?

  2. What is the 301-xxxx-xx part number of the Hubport?

  3. Are the two Edgeport/4 units attached directly to the PC, or are they attached to the Hubport?

  4. Tell me more about these “machines”. Basically, what kind of devices are they?

  5. I understand you have 3 “machines” that are all connected to the Hubport. Is this correct?

  6. How exactly are you determining that the machine is hanging? In other words, where are you seeing this symptom?

  7. About how often does this problem occur? Can you re-create it by following a certain procedure?

  8. About the other issue with the software, have you contacted the software vendor about this? What is the workaround for this issue?

Because the machine is running I have problem getting the numbers.

  1. Attached directly to the PC.

  2. Well some PLC machine for production, the interface back to the PC is via USB. LIke that

Machine —>USB hub----->PC

  1. Yah all connected to the USB hub back to the PC like in Qn 3.

  2. Well, the machine just freeze there and pressing the button have no response.

  3. Well in ONE day maybe 8 to 9 times.

  4. Well the software is separate issue. How come after rebooting PC, rebooting the machine still cannot communicate. We can do so after we unplug the cable to edgeport and then reconnect back. We can see this problem often if more parts send to the machine. It seems that edgeport will hang after a while.

  1. When possible, please get those part numbers.

  2. For troubleshooting purposes, have you tried connecting the 3 machines directly to the PC, bypassing the Hubport? If so, did this resolve the problem? If not, and if feasible, try this.

  3. Does the software application interface with the 3 “machines” only, or also with the scanners & RFID device?

  4. To make sure I clearly understand the issues and resolutions, are you saying that:

The resolution to the “machine hangs” issue is to replug the USB cable from the respective machine?

The resolution to the “software does not add barcode” issue is to replug the USB cable from the respective Edgeport?