I am having trouble with communications......

First things first, can anyone help me in identifiying my card? DI P/N 30005042-02 REV A.

Secondly I have 4 barcode scanners connected to my Digi card and am having trouble with communications getting from the scanners to the PC. I have ruled out the application and the scanners themselves as the culprits and am about 90% sure it could be the Digi card. When I have the communication error occur it is only about 10-15 mins of downtime before everything goes back to normal, it is rarely more than one of the scanners at a time that goes down and which scanner it is that acts up changes. When I have had this issue happen I have taken the port from the octi that the scanner is plugged in and plugged it into my laptop and can see the data being sent no problem, the only common denominator is the Digi Card. Does the card I have the best to support the 4 barcode scanners? Also does it matter which PCI port I have the card installed?
Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance.

The 30 million number is for the printed circuit board. The same raw board is often for for several versions of products. The serial number is the best number to determine the exact product you have. In this case, all I can really determine is that it is one of the Digi Neo type adapters.

Please provide the operating system, the installed Digi driver version, the name and version of the application you are using.

I am using Windows XP, SN:(S)V60744112, and the application is Think’n’do version 5.6.

…and the digi driver is

And the installed Digi driver version is?

The version is

OK, please get the new drivers installed (version from here:

Try the drivers first without making any changes to the default installation settings.

If there is still a problem, go into the device manager->multi-port serial adapters->Digi Neo->properties->advanced->properties->FIFO settings
Try disabling the FIFO buffers by unchecking the enable FIFO buffers.
This is a “per port” setting, so you will probably want to do this for each port.

Did this resolve the problem?
If not, can you try a beta driver?

I didn’t see barcode scanner in DIGI, does digi have project of developing barcode scanner?