Editing XCTU Frame Log

I use XCTU to record and save the frame log from an XBee Series 2 Coordinator.
Mainly, I am only interested in Explicit Data frames for analogue and digital data.
I was “messing about” trying to navigate in a frame log of 3617 frames by using CTRL-HOME, CTRL-UPARROW etc., the sort of thing you do in a spreadsheet.
Now, I only have 2000 frames showing and the first 1616 frames have gone and scrolling up the list stops at 1617.
Have I somehow deleted, hidden, etc? The TX-RX frame count in the top right of of the console view is still showing 3617 frames transmitted.
Luckily, the full frame log was saved.
Any ideas please

Check your filters and make sure you are not hiding something.

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Hello mvut
Thanks for replying.
I do use filters, but they were cleared for this run.
Well over 95% of the frames were Explicit data frames, so a large chunk of these have disappeared, so I don’t think filters were responsible.
Put it another way, do the standard navigation keys (CTRL+HOME etc.) work in the frame log listing?
I normally just use the scoll bar and occasionally scroll lock.
Maybe just coincidence, but losing 2000 is a nice round number

Yes the commands are supported but the log is a standard text document that can be simply read in Word. So the question is, do you see this issue when you open the log file in word?


What I normally do is open the LOG file in a spreadsheet and “dissect” each frame, looking for particular events. I’ve worked with spreadsheets for years, so hidden rows and columns aren’t a problem.
One minute I had a full log in XCTU starting at 0 or 1, all the way down to 3617, then after a few CTRL+HOME or whatever, I get a set, still in XCTU, going from 1617 to 3617 - all I can think is that 0 to 1616 got deleted somehow - I will have another day’s log tomorrow and I will let you know how I get on.
The lesson here is to save the log immediately after closing the serial link, then play around.

Hello vmut
Found it.
Console preferences set to 2000 frames to display.
My sessions are generally about 3500 frames (recording overnight at 30-second sampling)
Do you think 4000 would cause a problem? 8000 is the limit with a performance warning
Using Win 7 Pro 64-bit 16Gb RAM
Thanks for the suggestions

No I don’t think that 4000 would be a problem.