data received on XCTU console from two end devices abruptly stops

I am creating a light sensor network; one coordinator connected to XCTU and, so far, 2 of what will be 5 light sensors. Each end device is an Arduino, XBEE shield, XBEE S1, and TSL2591 light sensor.
After receiving data from the 2 sensors, ~4000 bytes, XCTU locks up and must be force quit.
Can you tell what is causing the cessation of data and suggest resources specific to setting up this network?

The maximum number of frames/bytes is set in XCTU Preferences under “Consoles Preferences”.

API Console maximum number of frames to display can be set from 100 to 8000 with a caution that high maximums can cause performance problems in the console.

Similarly, AT Console maximum number of bytes to display can be set from 300 to 8000 with the same caution as for API frames.