EEPROM Write/Read Issues?

I am trying to use the WriteEEPROM and ReadEEPROM functions to store configuration information between board-update actions. Something seems to be wrong. I’m using a BL4S200, with DynC 10.54.

Below is some test code I slapped together, hoping to find the problem:

#use “BLXS2XX.LIB”
#use “I2C.LIB”

unsigned int Test;

void main(void)

Test = 0x3631;
printf("Test = 0x%X
", Test);
WriteEEPROM(0, Test, 2);
Test = 0xFACE;
printf("Test = 0x%X
", Test);
ReadEEPROM(Test, 0, 2);
printf("Test = 0x%X
", Test);

My output is:
Test = 0x3631
Test = 0xFACE
Test = 0xFACE

Anyone see what I’ve got wrong?

Thanks in advance,
– Kevin