Problem with I2C and LP3500

I’m having a problem using I2C on LP3500 board. I have defined i2c.lib to use correct pins (out0 and out1) and have pull-up resistors on sda and scl lines. the chip i’m trying to communicate to is MCP9808 from microchip. The problem is that there is nothing happening on the scl or sda pins, they stay constantly high. no clock signal or anything. i cant even seem to get start condition. Anyone have any idea what could be my problem?

The I2C library defaults to using PD6 as SCL and PD7 as SDA. These should be connected to the EEPROM chip with pull up resistors.

It sounds like you have not set things up correctly. Try using out6 and out7 instead. These are the default pins PD6 and PD7.

If this does not work it may not be possible to set out6 and out7 as necessary for I2C.