I2C troubles

Hi I have a MCP23016 I2C to 16 bit expander I built a circuit around. Its been working in another board I designed using the 3100 Rabbit core. I recently got a RCM4400W Dev kit and put a header on the Development board and wired it to the I2C port on the Rabbit Core. I used the Stalk �i2c_devices.lib� in the original project in Dynamic C 8.x except I changed the port from D to F. This worked fine. When I try to talk to the board in the new RMC4400W Dev kit using the �i2c_devices.lib� in Dynamic C 10.x it do�s not work. I get a no Ack Error 21. I don�t think the problem is in the board as it has been a stable design now for the last couple of years. Has any one worked with this Chip and the I2C lib in Dynamic C 10.x? Do�s anyone have any suggestions?

Ok I figured it out. The documents state that the Analog to digital converter is not there, but the resisters and capacitor networks are. I removed the resisters on the port D lines and everything is working. Now for the next question. How do I enable and setup the INT0 on D0 Pin?