I2C and RCM3720 pinout?

I have a rcm3720 module, and i need to connect it to a memory by I2C bus…
What are the pins that i have to use in the module to connect the SCL and the SDA?
Do i need any other hardware to use i2c in this module?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t know the 3720, i work on 5600w and 5700, but i have the same problem… where are SDA/SCL on my board ?

I2C on Rabbit is 100% software, you could change the port and pin to manage SDA/SCL where you want in the i2c.lib !

Look @ i2c_init() in i2c.lib and check all the i2c.lib

I write an sample program to drive an PCF8574, all works fine.

If you have any problem to set up your SDA/SCL pin i could send my modified i2c.lib and my PCF8574 test program.

Hope this help.

ps : sorry for my bad english


Pls send your code for i2c.lib