em35x SoC ram in Xbee


I am trying to configure xbee s2c on xbib board (smc) with an e-paper display. The epaper display requires a RAM of around 6kb on the micro controller chip which could load the the framesize of the epaper display.

Well according to the datasheet on the digi website (https://www.digi.com/pdf/ds_xbee_zigbee.pdf) it shows that the RAM is 2kb and flash memory is 32kb on the programmable chip which means it is not enough BUT on silicon lab website (https://www.silabs.com/documents/public/data-sheets/EM35x.pdf) it mentions that the em357 chips installed on xbee have 12kb RAM and 128kb Flash memory. It is a bit confusing.

Xbee Part no. XB24CZ7UISB003-REV

Can someone verify which one is correct or am i interpreting this incorrectly.