Enabling many to one routing

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What is the correct protocol to enable many to one routing on an Xbee mesh network?

Currently i have set the AR command to 0x02 on my co-coordinator. However do I need to make any changes on each of the routers or will the “many to one broadcast” simply configure each of the routers on my network automatically?

Furthermore i noticed that after setting the AR command on my co-coordinator my end devices will send a route record indicator along with the datapacket. Could someone help to explain this?

I have been using the following link as a reference:

Unless your network is Dynamic, the AR should only be issued once.

Yes, that is all you need to do for the routers to use Many to one routing. On your Coordinator, you need to use API mode and you need to use the source rout packets to know the path to take to send data to that node.

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Thank you!

The network will be dynamic i.e. new end devices may be added and removed at a frequency of about once ever hour.

I noticed that on XCTU after setting the AR command to 0x02, the many to one broadcast only appears initially. Should i bee seeing the broadcast on the XCTU Terminal once every 20s??

furthermore how can I set the Xbee to not send a rout record indicator packet as I do not require it.

For a network of that size, I would not advise having End devices coming and going.

You are sending too much traffic on the network. I would strongly advise you get a network sniffer before you do anything else. This way you can see how much traffic you have just in maintaining the network.