End device issues


I have a SE network using a coordinator and 2 end devices.
I configured the sleep commands like this:
SM - 4
SN - 1
SP - 03E8 (10sec - sleep period)
ST - 4E20 (20sec - time to join to the network)

When I use the XCTU, everything goes all right. I can send API commands to the end device and when he wakes he replies.
The problem is: when I connect the end device to the Arduino ( to program the response), I send the same commands and he dont wake up.

Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance

Try enabling the Flow control functions in your Port functions on your Arduino.

In Device Manager, the flow control parameter has to be Hardware?
It is just that?

Not in Device manager but in your Code on your Arduino.

I dont know how to do it. I just config the baud rate.
Please elucidates me .

That is part of the initialization of the port. If you do not know how to perform that function, then I would suggest checking either the documentation for the processor or one of the Support forums dedicated to the Arduino processor as they will have that information.