enegry scan for radio module

how to do energy scan function to see what channel to use and set the radios to that channel?
please explain i don’t have any idea about energy scan

which radio are you working with and what firmware version is installed on it?

i am using xbee pro s1 and firmware version 10ef

You need to enter command mode and issue an ATED and ES command.

after i am using the commands i did’t get any response in x-ctu and i am problem not resolved yet

The ED and ES commands are not going to Resolve the issue on their own. They only allow you to scan and see what energy level is on each channel. you then need to select and change channels on all components with the ATCH command.

how to see the energy level

Command descriptions for the XBee/XBee-PRO RF Module
XBee / XBee-PRO RF Modules 802.15.4 Product Manual
ED (Energy Scan) command
The ED command is used to send an “Energy Detect Scan”. This parameter
determines the length of scan on each channel. The maximal energy on each channel is returned and each value is followed by a carriage return. An additional carriage return is sent at the end of the command.
The values returned represent the detected energy level in units of -dBm. The actual scan time on each channel is measured as Time = [(2 ^ ED PARAM) * 15.36] ms.

Related Command: SD (Scan Duration), SC (Scan Channel)

Total scan time is this time multiplied by the number of channels to be scanned. Also refer to the SD (Scan Duration) table. Use the SC (Scan Channel)
command to choose which channels to scan.