Does anyone know how to decode the energy scan results?

I’m trying to decode the results from ATED (energy scan) to be able to graphically represent the results.
ie: does anyone know the min value and max values expected.
below are the results with and without an antenna.
documentation says the results are ‘the maximal energy on each channel’ however I would expect the values to be at their minimum without an antenna and there doesn’t seem to be much of a change in the values.
no antenna = 65,65,65,65,65,62,64,65,66,66,64,64,65,64,63,64,65,65,64,65,65,64,64,63,66,
w antenna = 60,5E,62,5F,62,60,62,5E,5D,62,5F,5F,5F,60,61,61,62,62,61,63,63,61,61,61,63,
w antenna = 61,60,60,62,61,60,61,5F,5B,63,60,61,60,60,63,62,62,60,62,62,63,64,63,5C,63,

Product = XBee PROHP, XBP9B-DM, XBEE PRO 900HP 200K, firmware:806A

Convert the Hex data to ASCII and that will be the Noise floor of the specific channel in -dBm.

Question not answered completely…

Q1) Does anyone know the minimum and maximum values that the command ATED would return?

I understand that they are hex values that need to be converted, but in order to have a proper graphing result the command’s (ATED) expected min and max values are required as a base for the calculations to graph the results.

eg: IF the command’s minimum value that may ever be returned is 28h (40) and the maximum ever returned is 6Ah (106) then: scan% = (max- result)/(max-min) x 100, or:
scan% = (106- result)/69 x 100
Taking the value 5Ch as one result calculates as (106 -92)/69 * 100 = 20%
This assumes that the ATED command result is similar to the ATDB (Signal Strength) and a lower number would represent higher energy on that channel.
NOTE: The calculation above works for signal strength decoding. [make sure you have accurate min and max values for the module firmware in use.]

The ED will report the min value your local noise floor is. On the high side, I believe it goes to 0x40.