Why does the XCTU Spectrum Analyzer differ from my ED scan results?

I use ATED3E8 to do an Energy Detect scan, lasting 1 second. I also use the XCTU Spectrum Analyzer to analyze the radio, again for a 1s interval. XCTU results look very nice, my result bounce all over the place. IDENTICAL SETUP, repeatable results quickly swapping between the 2 apps.

The ED command is giving you the Raw data that the Spectrum Analyzer tool filters out.

My guess is that XCTU also uses the Energy Detect (ED) command. It runs for a specified period of time, 1s in our case, and them returns the “raw” data, the max energy for each channel. Not sure what kind of “filtering” XCTU can or would do. XCTU does show the raw data and it is very stable compared to mine.

Is there a different command that XCTU Spectrum Analyzer is using?

2.4 Pro DigiMesh, Latest FW