channel scanning

I have a question regarding a clarification I need regarding xBee Modules operating as coordinators on the same channel.

According to the spec. If you set bits 0 & 1 in the A2 command, the xBee Module will scan all the channels and select a channel that has the lowest RF energy content not used by any other coordinator.

From the spec.:
“Thus, the results of the Energy Scan and the Active Scan (if performed) are used to find the best channel (channel with the least energy that is not used by any detected PAN).”

So, the problem is that I have set both bits 0 & 1 in the A2 command, and have enabled the coordinator (CE), but when I place our product with an xBee Module beside another xBee module, they both use channel 12 (default). Note: the second product is powered up after the first product configures itself for channel 12.

What am I missing here? Why won’t the second product move to another channel?

We are using non-Beacon firmware (1084 & 10E6), where the ‘0’ indicates non-Beacon (according to the spec.), correct? Does this have anything to do with the beacon referenced in the spec. description of Bit 0(Reassign_PANID Flag). Is this problem because we have firmware that can’t send beacons?