XBEE 3 scan channel

I am using XBEE3 set to one channel and I detect interference .
Should i change the channel?
or to prevent future problem would it be better to set it up to scan channel?
looking for tech support to help set it up to scan channel

If you are using the Zigbee firmware, the SC should be set to use as many channels as possible. If interference is detected on a channel that is already being used, the coordinator will change it.

Hi, I’m working with him. The original design was to use Xbee S1 modules in a remote control, to send serial commands to a room full of xbees that then translate the serial back to a local motherboard. We were using the 802.15 firmware and it worked well.
There is one group though that, inconsistently some don’t seem to get the full serial transmission, the furthest ones most often. We set the remote as a coordinator and all the receivers as endpoints. We recently started using Xbee 3 modules and then tried xbee3 pro modules but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.
What is the best way to use the auto-find-channel features in this configuration? The users wont be able to reprogram the xbees and they have to all connect reliably to receive the serial commands. They don’t send any traffic back to the master remote. I’d love if you could weigh in on this setup, what ways we can improve it.

I would suggest you send an email to tech.support@digi.com so this can be looked into further.