What channels does the xbee use to communicate?

I have some XBee3 pro, I made a network, a coordinator and 7 routers or end devices, the coordinator sends a broadcast (DL = 0xFFFF) to all the routers so that they receive the information, in the same way of some routers that need to send information, too I do a broadcast. My doubt arises in which channels the communication works, since where I will place these devices they have a system that works on channels 25 and 26 and I would not want to interfere with those channels.

What channels are used for communication between xbee’s?

Is it only one channel that is used or are there several?

Is this channel fixed or are they dynamic?

In case those channels (25 & 26) are being used, how could I block those channels in the XCTU so that they are not used?

On the Xbee 3, the product is DSSS. That means that it uses one channel for all communications.

That channel is determined by the Coordinator and the SC value.

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Even if I put (DL = 0xFFFF) would it only use one channel?

I read that putting 0x3FFF would mask off channels 25 and 26 and enable all other channels. This is true?

The product is NOT a frequency hopping device. It will Only operate on ONE channel regardless of the value of the SC command. The channel it uses will be listed under the CH command.