What channels does the xbee use to communicate?


I am working on Xbee pro, interfaced it with Arduino Pro Mini, I designed 7 routers, a network , a coordinator which transfer a broadcast to the routers , in this way they get data, same is the case with routers that demand to send data. Questions arise in my mind about channel for communication. Questions are below.
For transmission of data between Xbee’s which channels or routes can be used?
There are various channels for communication or just one?
Is there a specific channel or different for this purpose?
Suppose I have once used channel 25 or 26, what’s the procedure of removing used channels from XCTU?


The Digi XBee devices are half duplex radios. That means that they only use on channel or frequency to communicate. At least all of the 2.4 GHz versions of the XBee’s do. So when you read the CH value, the value reported is the channel that is used for both transmitting and receiving data on.

The channel mask for an 2.4 GHz XBee is to only tell it what channels to look for the network on. By removing a channel from the bit mask, you are telling that radio to not look for a network on that channel.