XBee 3s routers not joining coordinator, not all seeing each other

I am at a loss with my XBee 3s and XCTU.

I have 5 XBee3s, one set up as a coordinator, the other 4 are routers

They were created from clean, i.e. reset to default

Only changes were

PAN ID is 8088
Scan Channels for all is FFFF

For Coordinator CE = 1

I set each XBee up individually starting with the coordinator, removing each one after it was setup.

Then I started with the coordinator, plugged it in, then each router XBee in turn.
When I look at the network map in XTCU, for the coordinator, I scan and it doesn’t see the other routers at all, I see PAN ID:8088[CH:C]

For the following 3 routers they see each other They are also CH:C but they aren’t showing the coordinator at all.

The last router is in the same PAN, but it is in Channel 12 is scanning, but doesn’t seem to want to hop to any other channel.

Why when my coordinator is on Channel C it doesn’t see 3 of the routers which are on Channel C? Why is my last router stuck in Channel 12?

RguStudent, issue a Local network reset on each of the routers. Make sure that you leave the Coordinator powered up the entire time. Your routers AI will change and go back to a value of 0.