How can I configure different remote XBEE3s?

I am trying to use a coordinator XBEE3 to remotely configure router XBEE3s that are in our products. To do this I put the coordinator into API mode then send command packets to set up the router XBEEs baud, pan ID, destination address, etc. Afterwards the coordinator is put back into AT mode so it can communicate during the test. I got this working well on one unit (router XBEE), but when I try to repeat it on another router XBEE the coordinator will not connect to it. I duplicated this using XCTU. With the coordinator set to API and the router set to AT the router will show up when I scan the network. Now if I disconnect power to that router XBEE and connect another one the coordinator will not find it on a new scan. I can cycle power on both, even reboot my PC and it will never show up. It seems that once the coordinator has connected to one router it will not connect to any others afterwards no matter how they are set up.

Bruce, this sounds like a configuration issue. Since you can’t provide profiles of the radios here, I do recommend that you create a case with Digi Support by sending an email to Make sure to include as much data as possible when you send in the email including the settings of each radio.

Thank you mvut. I sent it in to support.

I tried network reset again after talking to support, as well as updating to the latest firmware - did not work. I haven’t received any other ideas from them.

If I look at the operating network parameters of the router XBEE3 they do not match the coordinator when it isn’t communicating.

You need to issue the network reset on the router that is having issues.

The network reset works reliably! Thank you mvut and Eric Flanders at Digi support.
If you are going to switch your remote XBEE3 router to a different network then you should send a remote ATNR0 command to the router and wait a few seconds before powering it down. That clears the old network data so the router XBEE can search and join a new network next time it is powered up.