How can I configure different remote XBEE3s?

I am using coordinator Xbee 3 for the configuration of Xbees router remotely which are used in products. For this process in API mode I keep coordinator after that for the establishment of pan ID, Xbees bud router, objective address etc I transmit command packet. For the communication in course of test the coordinator is keeping back in AT mode. With all above set up it worked perfect on one Xbee router but coordinator stops working if I again use it on another Xbee router. I made its copy with XCTU. The router appears while scanning of network with the adjustment of coordinator to API and router to AT. The coordinator will not discover xbee on new scan if I attached another and remove power to xbee. It looks like once the connection coordinator has been set up with router it will not work if we connect it with other one Mosfet.
If some has experienced it, please let me know the process.

I would suggest you contact Digi support by sending an email to or creating a case at