Energy consumption in xbee network

Hi, how can we measure the energy consumption in xbee network ?

Depending on which XBee module and firmware you are working with, you could use an ADC line or the %V command.

Can you give me some example, please?

Your external processor would do the following:

Value sent out

Any codes on github ?

Which XBee product are you working with?

Xstics, Wall router, Connect port x etc…

Not all of the products you listed offer you an option to view the current draw. As far as I am aware, only the OEM module offer you that option and only the newer products such as the S2C or XBee 3.

For now i use this codes and they help me a lot with my devices. Can i find anything similar to help me with the energy consumption ?

I don’t think you understand what I am saying. What I am referring to is that the hardware such as the X4, Wall Router and XStick do not offer an option to report its Energy consumption.

OK, Thank you