Error Code: 04 (Decompression Failure)

Trying to execute commands via the Digi Remote Manager, and the Digi is responding with:
RCI error reported by device. Error Code: 04 (Decompression Failure)

Is it a problem with the device itself, or maybe a problem with the remote firewall settings?

The failure of a compression can be classified into two categories. It is possible that something is missing or corrupt in the file or chain when ShadowProtect attempts to read it or tries to read it.

It could mean that ShadowProtect is unable to read the file or chain because it is not fully contained; or that the image is corrupted, corrupt, or incomplete. Terminal, a built-in program that works with the Mac, is an option for the latter. It is safe to use compression to free up disk space on your operating system. With this option, you will be safe from losing data because it will not delete any of your hard drive files. The number of files that can be stretched significantly reduces the file size, making it easier to export to the web and print an image as a result of flattening. When you save PDF files using Photoshop, your PDF save settings will affect the size of your output files.

To Fix Decompression Failure
By disabling the Open Safe Files option, you can get rid of it in Safari. Decompression failed because the file was not completely downloaded. However, if you use another browser, it may be possible to resolve the issue using the decompression menu.

Rachel Gomez