Error load parameter on XBee Pro 900HP

XCTU Newest Version : MAC OSX
Xbee Pro 900HP 200kbps ( XBP9B-DM Firmware 8074 : Newest )

I can not connect to the Xbee and the picture show me like this
I reseted the button by connect RST to GND for many time and there is no response, then i use the menu to discover the Xbee and it is show me like the second picture

sometime i can access to the xbee then i click to read the module
it is show me that the parameter is error and it can not read.

i can’t use recovery mode due to these problem

What is the full part number of the xbee module you are working with?

What is the board you are connecting it to?

Digi xbee pro S3B (XBP9B DMSTB002 revE)
Board: parallax 32400 revc

i have 2 xbee modules and 2 boards. so,
i swap board and module with another.
one of them work correctly but the another is not.

This is a Programmable XBee module. You need to assemble and port over the bootloader application to the Freescale processor before XCTU will be able to read the RF processor.

I have the same problem so please help me with solution if you solved it .


That is a Programmable module. That means that it already has a 2nd processor on that module between the modules external pins and the RF processor. So connecting it to a external processor is duplicating what is already there. What you need to do is either exchange the Programmable version for the standard version or write and port your code over using Code warrior.