Error updating radio firmware- Xbee S2

Hello Everyone,
I am using xbee s2 with product family of xb24C & function set Zigbee TH Reg. I am unable to upgrade the firmware of XBEE.
I am successfully able to work in transparent mode. But When I try to work in API mode, I always get an error of Xbee firmware upgrade? I am not able to find the reasoning why it is happening only with API mode?

The problem is, when I click on Test/query, It shows me an error of Unable to communicate with this com Port.
I tried to unseat the Xbee before clicking write parameter & place the xbee again during reset window pop-up, then I found an error of mismatch baud rate between PC and modem, but I checked the PC baud rate and modem baud rate, both are same. I don’t know where I am lacking in my testing process. I tried many solution from this forum but nothing worked for me :frowning:

When I try Xbee Recovery in new XCTU version 6.3, I get an error of “could not program the radio module”.

I am not able to find the reasoning and solution for this. Please suggest me a good approach.

What is the full part number for the module you are working with? That part number is on the white label on the shield side of the module. It also begins with an XB or XBP24 number.

Also how are you trying to put this module in API mode? What steps do you take?

Thank you for your response :slight_smile:
My Xbee Part no. is XB24CZ7WIT-004-revF

For API mode:
Coordinator Side:
PAN ID- 1234
Coordinator Enable
NI node Identifier - Cordinator
DH - 0
AP API Enable- API enabled [1]

On Router side:
PAN ID- 1234
JV channel verification- Enable
AP API Enable API enabled [1]
D3- Digital Input

As I wanted to read the status of D3 on the coordinator side.
At first time, everything worked well and I was able to read the status of D3 pin on coordinator side. then suddenly, When I again discover these 2 modules in XCTU, Coordinator xbee is discovered successfully but router xbee is not discovered & it shows me above mentioned error.
Did I do something wrong?
Please guide me. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are discovering the radio as a Sub or child of the Coordinator which is physically connected.

Yea! I am discovering the radio module as a router which is acting as a child for the coordinator. What am I doing wrong in this manner? How can I recover my module?
Please help
Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

I have solved the issue. The issue was with PC and modem baud rate. I tried it with different PC and successfully able to upgrade the firmware.

is this issue now resolved or are you still having issues?

Thanks for the concern. :slight_smile: I have resolved the issue. The issue was with baud rate difference. I tried to update the xbee firmware with different PC and it worked for me.But somehow I am still in the dilemma that now I am using my XBee with my same PC (the PC with I had the problem of baud rate difference) & now it is working fine with this PC. How is it working? I mean now xbee and PC baud rate do not differ? And one issue is when my xbee is entering in API mode, sometime it looses the firmware. I wanted to know the reason, why this is happening?

You must be issuing the proper commands to put it in AT command mode, or you are sending remote AT commands over the air, or you are holding DI low on power up putting it into command mode.